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Monetizing Our New Preservation Technology

The worth of preservation is best measured against two value systems:

One system is economic:  This value is directly determined by the known costs of SPOILAGE!  Every industry, every crop, every supermarket, every restaurant, and every consumer experiences a known spoilage factor that has a DOLLAR VALUE.  Economically speaking, one should be willing to pay up to slightly less than this cost to take advantage of the savings.

The other system is less precise:  The "values" can range from the seemingly frivolous for some people (for example, fresh red strawberries for a fruit compote in a chi-chi, 4 Star restaurant) to the deadly serious for other people such as a heart transplant being flown coast to coast without tissue damage for a life saving donation of a rare tissue match, or fresh food being delivered to starving people.

Whether the justification is economic, frivolous, or deadly serious,
Air+ Preservation delivers the value sought by the user.