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Earth, Wind, & Fire are the Elements of Life.
However, they are but abstractions without human beings
and the nutrition to sustain them.
Humankind's entire source of food is a product of these Life Elements.
Yet, analysts estimate that in developed countries over 20% of food production is lost in the farm-to-consumer distribution systems; and that in under-developed countries, this percentage is magnified to 50%, or more,.

In the beginning...
humans lived on production acreage where they planted and harvested food as needed.  As humankind progressed, it developed in urban and suburban areas.  With daily, food sources further away, people expanded agricultural distribution systems; all having harmful effects on food preservation and nutrition.
Today, foods are harvested, processed, and transported to markets throughout the world.  To meet this requirement, products are picked pre-maturely and retained in environments which are foreign to the commodities' natural requirements.
The result is a public endangered by additives; "starved" through nutritional dissipation; and robbed of taste.
Today, a new way dawns...
through our patented food preservation system -- developed by the former ECO TECH AG Inc, now a part of Air+ Preservation™ -- which addresses and corrects the entire production-to-consumer preservation system.
Our unique system addresses all agriculture commodities and is viable from harvest fields to consumers.  Whether implemented in individual parts or as a system, our technology benefits producers and consumers.
"The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...
The answer is blowing IN the wind!"
                                                                                                         Bob Dylan
From the moment fruits or vegetables are picked, they loose their nutrition into the surrounding atmosphere.  These losses follow the laws of thermodynamics, chemistry, and biology.  By our naturally modifying the environments in accordance with the biological parameters of the specific fruit and vegetable, using ambient air,we can control the agriculture product's physical responses to decay and nutritional loss
No chemicals are required.  No refrigeration is necessary. 
No USDA approval is needed.
Moreover, our patented system eliminates vitamin and other innate food value losses.  Also, where other preservation processes, genetic engineering, and low temperature environments have numerous deficiencies, all are mitigated when used in conjunction with our system.
 Air+ Preservation is a Global System Technology
It does not a compete other post-harvest preservation techniques.