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Careers Of Experience
The company is comprised of individuals, experience in new product development, sales, and marketing.  The owners have experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer products and technologies ranging from high-tech to no-tech.  Additionally, the individuals have successful experience in housewares product development for companies such as Corning, GE, Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, Rubbermaid, Sunbeam and Whirlpool / Kenmore and Wilton/Copco in the areas of product design, industrial design and engineering, tooling, manufacturing engineering, domestic and off-shore sourcing, packaging and merchandising design, print and filmed media advertising & sales promotion, traditional and direct.

Charles Edward Babb
Chief Executive Officer
Charles Edward Babb, "Charely," has been involved with product design and launch as an officer and principle of some of the largest and most successful consulting firms in the US. GFA, RichardsonSmith, Landor Associates, Bass Yager Associates, Hauser and Worrell.
His client list includes domestic and international companies such as Alpine, Armstrong, Black & Decker, Caterpillar, Coleman, Coleman Powermate, Corning, GE, Hamilton Beach, Honeywell, IBM, Kwikset, McDonald's, Panasonic, Proctor-Silex, Ryobi, Rubbermaid, Sweetheart Plastics, Textron / Speidel, Stanley, Sunbeam,  Teknor Apex, Whirlpool / Kenmore, Wilton/Copco and many others.
Mr. Babb was a part of the product development teams that created 'The Dustbuster', 'Oscar' , 'Snake light', 'Space Saver's' from B&D and GE, 'Work Mate', 'Cool Top' from Hamilton Beach, 'Worm Light', 'Visions' and 'Correll' from Corning, "Professional Products' from Sunbeam and many others.
Overall, Mr. Babb has worked on the development of over 1000 products that have generated over 30 billion dollars in sales for U.S. and International Manufacturers.
Babb is graduate of Northeastern University - BA with Continued Advanced Graduate Studies at Northeastern, Ohio State, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Long Beach.
He is a former member of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) and frequent speaker at International Design Conferences (ICSID) and The Association of Professional Designers.
He is Founder / CEO of Momentum Associates, a market research and product development organization, now shuttered, but the essence of Air+ Preservation.


Why Us
Patent Exclusivity | Trade Secrets | Initmate Knowledge | Tightknit Team
Patent Exclusivity:  Next to a trade secret, which best protects a process or formulation, a patent and extensions that broaden the patent provide a LEGAL "barrier" with which others entities must contend.  We have exclusive rights to patents and any extension related to the initial patent.
Trade Secrets: Over the years, we have acquired knowledge that we now hold as trade secrets regarding preservation.
Intimate Knowledge:
  The key people involved in this entire venture have a worked on this technology, have tested this technology and have successfully presented this technology to critical entities, which are not easily impressed.  Thus, there is a "rolodex" of contacts and a history of success.
Intimate Team:
  There are core teams of senior professionals within the organizations who, in different relationships, have working histories, which exceed 6 years with at least one person.  There are no unknown members in the core group, which is committed to the development of Air+ Preservation.  In essence, the team is handpicked through value and contributions to the cause.
Senior Wisdom:
  Collectively, we have all "gone into our separate garages numerous times and all come out with numerous products."  Collectively, we have all worked with our own money.  Collectively, we are not starry-eyed yahoos or geeks.  We are, after all, savvy entrepreneurs with senior business wisdom.  We have owned and "been owned" by others.  We fully understand commitment, risk, opportunity cost, success, and even failure.  We have learned on our own money, how to win.