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We Are the World
of a
New Preservation System
In contemporary speak, when the first portable hand-held vacuum was proposed to corporate decision makers, many execs said that it "sucked."  So, in introducing of our patented pump and container food preservation system, we anticipate that to some number of skeptics will respond "it blows."
Indeed it does... It blows away other forms of food preservation
by magnitudes in time-before-decay; in energy savings to preserve,
and in nutrition retained in the food.
It is the result of over 15 years investigation and commercial application, plus well over a $1,000,000 dollars in hard dollar costs, not counting investments in time and alternative opportunity costs.
Had we -- the we that now comprises our new corporate Air+ Preservation™ -- better executed this plan along the way, our technology could have easily saved enough food to feed all of starving Darfur, the Sudan... plus other areas of the world.  We have extrapolated these statements based on fact proven by independent, authoritative studies.  Moreover, the amount of U.S. consumer food saved from waste would have cut family expenditures by at least 20%, while still feeding this nation's homeless.
We understand the enormous economic and commercial worth our technology and products and, we know that our PROSPECTUS, which this website is not,  states this well.  Most readers will find it extremely attractive. 
As a business proposition, Air+ Preservation™ technology is a stunner... so much so that it is possible for our reader to become mesmerized with merely the consumer and vertical industries application.
However, our horizon is far greater; and we offer it to our investors as well.
In 1985, USA* - United Support of Artists, comprised of 46 artists - formed and sang, "We Are The World" to raise money to feed starving people in the U.S. and Africa.  And yet, starvation is rampant, worldwide.
Today, our revolutionary Air+ Preservation™ System provides for the better feeding of that world.  From counter-tops, to refrigerated storage bins, to Mylar covered containers stacked on desert sands,
"We Are the World of a New Preservation System."