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Boston MA / Minneapolis MN / Moorpark CA   
"The Answer My friend Is Blowin' In The Wind,
The Answer Is Blowing IN The Wind." 
Everyone loves a success story.  Usually, the ones that make the media are about "tigresses and tigers," such as the gal, who turned her Girl Scout cookie experience into a bakery; or the college drinking buddies who turned their frat's passion punch into a bottling empire; or even the geek who made millions selling 1" ads online.
This is no such story.
This is a story about panthers, "Gray Panthers."  You know; Octogenarians, Septuagenarians, Sexagenarians, and a few Pentagenarians, who get carded to sit-in on business meetings.
This is about guys who literally took meaning from the very the words of Bob Dylan's
(a Sexagenarian himself) "Blowin In The Wind" to bring to about a different revolution through their patented food preservation system.
Make no mistake, this success didn't happen overnight;
nor did it happen without considerable cost to the pioneers. 
In truth, it has been happening over the past 15 years... and not always with the same guys.  But, just as planets align, and teams come together to win championships, this band of merry men, whose patience has long ago grown impatient, is speeding to markets that will reduce food waste and save billions of dollars.  With simple extrapolations, this team can prove that had it achieved its success sooner, the food savings could have fed all of starving America.
Today, their technology has been proven in prestigious labs and consumer kitchens; their patent is on file with extensions in the works; their market and demographic research shows there to be an unlimited potential; their collective Rolodexes are being called; and their prospect list, which includes major home appliance manufacturers and governments, is already impressive.
The company is called Air+ Preservation™ Worldwide, Inc .  It is the assemblage of separate, very senior entrepreneurs, coming together to extend food preservation, better retain nutrition, and to provide better tasting food -- as fresh tasting as the day it was harvested from the vine.
The process is also call Air+ Preservation™.  As opposed to "vacuum-sealed" with which everyone is familiar, A+'s process involves trade secrets applying air and exacting moisture, through patented products and into specially designed containers.  The process is all-natural, requires no refrigeration -- though its preservation greatly enhances foods being refrigerated.  And, because of their system's use of ambient air, Air+ Preservation needs no USDA approval.  In short, its a winner!
Dylan was far more astute than he knew when he wrote:  
"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind,
the answer is blowing IN the wind." 
And, that is just what Air+ Preservation is doing to cause a paradigm shift in food preservation for consumers to the world's neediest.