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Further Financial Information

Nothing in this website is or should be considered by visitors to be a complete Prospectus or investment offer.  Notwithstanding, Air+ Preservation is currently exploring ownership opportunities with other parties.
If you have further interest in learning more about our preservation process, you will need to sign our Standard Non-Disclosure / Non-Circumvention Agreement (DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW)  to protect both parties before we speak directly to learn more about your interest, understanding of our technology and products, and ability to invest in a private placement.
With respect to the bona fide finanical media, we are willing to discuss our plans,  partially on-the-record and partially off-the-record depending upon the topic areas.  For those who respect this arrangement, we will offer them first release of further information.
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This website is not a prospectus or solicitation for investment.
It is merely an announcment of Air+ Preservation's Systems.
Visitors having further financial interest in Air+ Preservation
should click on " Financial Relations " in the navigation list at
                  the left and then follow the instructions.