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It's Elemental, Watson!
Air+ Preservation has developed a FIELD PROVEN and LABORATORY TESTED PRESERVATION SYSTEM technology, protected by patent.   It has been recognized by the National Science Foundation, independent labs, and academic leaders orldwide.This process will benefit producers, consumers, and even nations. 

Air+ Preservation can be deployed in the smallest sized container, up to cargo holds.  It has been reviewed by major manufacturers of consumer goods, and is under very preliminary review by a branch of the Defense Department a viable way to keep food.

Without exaggeration, because preservation permeates all civilizations,
the application for our technology is limitless.

The preservation challenge has always been how to better retard decay.  Now, Air+ Preservation has the way!  It is our intention to be THE leader in this process through a brand as familiar to pressure preservation as Birdseye is to the frozen foods process.

The technology is remarkably simple in concept.  In retrospect, one might consider it a monumental oversight of the same magnitude as wheels on suitcases.

Nonetheless, the importance of using atmospheric air cannot be overstated.  Since air is natural to the meats, fish, and plants, there is no requirement for it to be regulated by the USDA.

Air+ Preservation provides unique preservation characteristics to fresh and processed foods.  It retards spoilage and bacterial growth while preserving appearance, nutritional values, and taste for extended periods:

      • Up to a remarkable 6 months with refrigeration
      • Up to an amazing 60 days without refrigeration