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Getting To Our Technology

In math, to solve an equation, one divides-out elements which are common to both sides of the equation, or the equal (=) sign. Therefore, one understands that by adding anything to one side, such as nitrates, "flash-freezing" or vacuum packing, that is not on the other side COMPLICATES -- or in the case of food preservation DEPRECIATES -- the CONCEPT OF NATURAL, as defined above to be the last second before harvest or slaughter. 

Therefore, the "calculus" of optimal preservation
is to get a preservation process as close to the time and conditions
of harvest / slaughter as possible.

Interestingly, the one element that is PRESENT, (thus on both sides of the = sign) at that time of harvest is the one element that has been underutilized THROUGHOUT HISTORY that element being atmospheric AIR.  As it turns out, AIR+Preservation is capable of not only preserving food by suppressing bacterial growth...but preserving it longer as if it were in a NATURALLY SUSPENDED STATE.

The overlooked elegance of this preservation process does not diminish its being a REVOLUTIONARY FOOD PRESERVATION TECHNOLOGY, which has the ADDITIONAL BENEFIT of adding a variety of flavors into the actual items that it preserving, if desired